Inequality is in the eye of the beholder

The unsung fete accomplis of our favorite famous females

Hedy Lamarr

The most beautiful woman in films

The godmother of wifi

Yoko Ono

The femme fatale who broke up the Beatles

One of the world’s most influential living artists

Coretta S. King

Martin Luther King Jr's Wife

The soprano voice of the Civil Rights movement


You can’t judge a chick by her title

The Cake & Arrow Archer crew in all their glory

Kate Muth

A crafty brooklyn mom

A super star who integrates her personal and career goals like a boss

Judenys Hidalgo

A shy people pleaser

A woman in tech who knows what she wants

Julia Molloy

A naive millennial

A business-tech guru with the experience to back it up


Flip the script for women everywhere



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